EMF Protection - Orgone Generators

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Help shield and protect yourself from harm EMF's ElectroMagnetic Frequencies harmful radiation emitted from cell phones, laptops, modems, 5G, T.V's video games etc...These electronics have proven to cause ailments and pain in the body.  Protect yourself and loved ones with these Orgone Generators, Orgonite .  This piece can be used as a coaster or simply put to sit where ever you would like to ideally near electronic devices i.e modem, T.V..  Studies show that Orgonite takes the positive ions being released form the devices and transforms them/transmutes them into negative ions.  These orgone generators are constructed with metals shavings brass, stainless steel, and copper, a quartz crystal and other various gemstones and craft metal designs.  You can feel the results instantly sometimes depending on your sensitivity.  Get protected today.          "An ounce of prevention is better than pound of cure"..Thank You.

Please do your own research William Reicht scientists made this study more public check it out.

Peace, Love, Health, Harmony, and Prosperity to ALL...